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Tips to increase your mobile conversion rates

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When individuals are on their mobile device, LESS IS MORE!

Hastings & Havelock North Mobile Conversion Experts.

Smartphone users don’t have time or need to view all your website’s content. They usually have a specific reason for visiting your website, and want to take action.

Keep your mobile site to the point and always consider the hierarchy of your page. What is the purpose to your page?  What do you want users to do on your page? Provide clear and brief page titles and a strong, relevant call to action button.  This will help convert more users on your mobile pages!


Also you should consider removing on-page friction, ensure your user experience is perfect. If users first see a bunch of text as soon as they visit your mobile site, they will probably bounce out.

Encourage mobile Users to come back: smartphone users browse differently to people using a laptop. They are more willing to interact and respond to a call to actions. This gives your business the opportunity to collect valuable leads and customer data. So do your best to persuade them to give out their phone numbers and email addresses. Even Adwords and SEO strategies need to be considered.




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