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High Converting Landing Pages

Create High Converting Landing Pages.

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High Converting Web Pages Get More Leads! Simple.

Considering paid advertising like Google Adwords? To get the best ROI you need quality, high-converting landing pages! That’s exactly what we do!

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So what is a landing page?

A landing page is any webpage that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on.
Often it’s a webpage built for one single conversion objective, such as lead generation, newsletter signup or a click through page for ecommerce.

You should always send campaign traffic to a dedicated landing page, with limited navigation and your website goal in mind. This will funnel users from this landing page to where YOU want them to go. To discuss your landing pages, contact us today.

When looking to get more users from your page, focus on value, be specific, outline benefits and use persuasive copy. To encourage a more leads or customers, you need to convince them it’s worth it. Keep your landing page simple and be convincing quickly and easily. If you’re expecting your traffic to read too much or fill out unnecessary information they’ll leave immediately!

To summarize, here are the key step to a successful, high converting landing page:

  1. Brief compelling headline –the first thing anyone reads on your landing page. It has to evoke a response that encourages a visitor to read on and eventually take the action.
  2. Eye-catching image or video – We need to instantly trust this image, its will drive your business creditably.
  3. Benefits – They need to explain your unique selling proposition (USP), and why it’s exactly what they need. Understand what your customer’s are looking for. Use bullet points so your reader can quickly scan the benefits they’ll be receiving.
  4. Strong call to action – Make sure you include a strongly worded call to action button that leaves no question as to what they do next. Use color to make your buttons stand out, maybe an opposite to your brand color.
  5. Testimonials – Support your claims in the form of satisfied customers, just a couple help out.

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