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09 Jul Understanding SEO

search-engine-optimization-1359430_1280What is SEO

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization, and it is a process whereby a website is ranked on Google and other search engines for specified keywords. For example a website on Dog training ranked for Dog training on search engines like Google and Bing

Understanding SEO Keywords

SEO keywords are the search terms that triggers the ranking of webpages in search engines. In other words keywords are what browsers looking for information or items to buy type in the search bar of Google and Bing.

SEO keywords could be

  • Buyer keywords
  • Information keywords

Buyer keywords are search terms people looking to buy products or services type in search bar of search engines for example buy plasma TV, Plasma TV review, well you might say the second example does not have buy in it so it cannot qualify as a buyer keyword.

Well sorry to bust your bubble, or rather we could say its a hybrid of buyer-information keyword because the person is looking for information about the TV in order to make a decision if to buy or not, so it’s still a buyer keyword and also an information keyword

On the other hand an information keyword are keywords based on finding out more or learning about a topic. For example Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities, here the browser simply just wants to know whats going on in the social scene

seo-896175_1280Understanding SEO Techniques

To do SEO, you need to understand the techniques which starts with the

  • Choosing a keyword or sets of Keywords
  • Optimizing webpage with the keyword, from the Title to the articles,images, title tags, descriptions
  • Getting backlinks which is very necessary to rank webpages in search engines, a backlink is simply a vote of confidence to a webpage from another webpage on a specific keyword or topic


16 Basic Tips & SEO Techniques You Should Know

1.Understand that SEO takes time and you need to commit to the process plus you will need a great deal of patience

2.If you are going to hire an SEO company, please do ask a lot of questions and do your due dilligence so you do not end with a company that is into blackhat techniques which would ruin your business in the long run

3.To know and do SEO even if you will outsource it, you will need to become a student, learn the bolts and nuts so you can be creative

4.You need to build a great website, you can get all the traffic in the world but if you do not convert them, then its useless, so thats why you need a very good website to attract and keep your prospects

5.You should make SEO-friendly URLS, use keywords in your URLs and please make them short and simple as possible. This helps both the search engines and your browsers

6.Do you sign up for a PPC account, doesnt matter with which company, Google adwords or MSN adcenter, this is neccessary so you can get actual search volume for your keywords

7.You should use catchy, unique and relevant title and meta descriptions for every page you create

8.Never write for search engines first. write for users first then the search engines will love you, if you write for search engines first the users will discredit you and at the end of the day the search engines will also, because the search engines are in the business of pleasing users. So if you help them please users they will love you in return

9.Content is king, traffic is queen, so you should creat unique and great content

10.Make sure you use your keywords as anchor text in building links internally

11.Do not spam links, build links intelligently

12.Using press releases is not a bad idea

13.Blog and contribute to other related blogs in your niche

14.Social media marketing is very important and contributes to SEO in the long run

15.Use the tools provided by the search engines

16.Use different traffic sources, do not rely on just one

Why SEO is important for businesscomputer-767776_1280

SEO is important for business because it drives traffic to businesses which is then converted to sales, the sole purpose of a business to make profit and profit is made when sales are generated.

So having a website is not the end but just the beginning, getting traffic is the lifewire of any business both online and offline, for offline business the traffic will be refered to as foot traffic.

So SEO is important because it is the best form of online traffic as opposed to Social traffic, because with SEO traffic, it is targeted due to the fact that people are searching for information that will help them make buying decisions. As for social traffic it’s mostly just good for branding and creating awareness for your brand or business

If you are looking to make sales online then SEO traffic is your best bet.

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