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Search Engine Marketing

04 Aug Google Adwords. Pay Per Click. Hastings, Hawkes Bay

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Bing etc) is an essential digital marketing channel for online businesses in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

What is it and how does it differ from  SEO? In short, search engine marketing it paying or bidding to be at the top of a search result, such as

A company will engage in content marketing of a website where search engine optimized content is created and made available for free in order to encourage visitors to share that content via social media. Search engine marketing services will then make sure that a website is secure, is just as accessible and responsive on mobile platforms and most importantly of all, well laid out and genuinely interesting.

In fact, search engine marketing and SEO are often considered one and the same. However, search engine marketing differs from SEO in that it actively exploits social media via independent social media marketing (SMM) strategies. Likewise, search engine marketing exploits paid inclusion opportunities offered via search engines themselves.

Search Engine Marketing, PPC & Paid Inclusion

Yahoo for example, offer sponsored listing services via which websites can pay annual subscriptions in return for appearing prominently in Yahoo results. Similarly, search engine marketing often exploits pay per per click (PPC) opportunities offered by services such as Google AdWords in order to have websites rank higher in result listings offered by other search providers.

PPC and SEO services in Hastings, NZ

However, unlike standalone PPC and SEO services, search engine marketing also uses web analytical tools to measure the success and effectiveness of such campaigns. Using things like web page embedded Java scripts, search engine marketing doesn’t therefore just focus on increasing website traffic, but monitors and analyses website visitor actions in order to increase relevant traffic. That and better overall conversion rates. This being the case, search engine marketing differs predominantly from standalone SEO in that it seeks to achieve a quantifiable return on investment (ROI) on each of the strategies it employs to generate that traffic in the first place.


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