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23 Apr Our Website Audit – Improving Your Website Performance

website audit

Improve your website performance with our website audit

Our website audit for Hawkes Bay businesses helps you determine the challenges and opportunities about your site. We examine your site with tools as well as utilizing our knowledge and expertise to help improve your website performance.

There are different type of site audits like

  • Health Audit which looks at the overall health of a site with regards to downturn of traffic or positioning or other unknown issues.
  • Red Flag Audit which assesses a site for potential penalty problems
  • Competitive Site Audit which analyses site gaps in relation to competitors to pinpoint or highlight any opportunities for growth.
  • Conversion Optimization Audits which analyses how well a website converts its traffic to sales
  • Negative Seo Site Audit which analyses decreases in site metrics to ascertain occurrences of a site being attacked by negative seo methods
  • Security Audit to ascertain site vulnerability to hackers and malware etc


In online marketing there are factors that determine sales and marketing performance of any website and they include

This is the ability to attract targeted visitors to your website. We help you audit your site by looking at it in comparison to the competition and other yardsticks to recommend solutions to help improve your traffic count.

This may be likened to conversion which looks at how effective your website is in turning visitors into leads and sales. We look at challenges or barriers that can hinder your site visitors from becoming customers and proffer solutions on how to overcome them and shoot your conversion rates up.

Website Audit Steps To Improving the Performance of your Website

The process starts with

  • Understanding the requirements, objectives and goals of your website
  • Evaluating the key website pages
  • Reviewing your website content
  • Communicating your unique selling proposition
  • Analyzing of SEO
  • Looking at your current digital marketing strategy and
  • Formulating a thoughtful and executable action plan

Our Website Audit Strategies include

  • Improved google rankings
  • Tailored social media, email marketing and online advertising plan to increase and boost traffic
  • Persuasive copywriting to convert visitors to leads and sales
  • Friendly user interface to keep visitors engaged
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