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25 Jun Google Adwords Management for Accountants in Hastings

Pay Per Click for Accountants in Hastings, NZ

Convert More Users are a digital marketing company in Hastings and specialise in digital strategies for Accountants, and are known for SEO, Pay per click advertising and improving conversion rates.

We’ll improve your Google rankings and generate more leads! Call today: 022 394 0346 or email

Why Google Adwords?

Google adwords are one of the effective methods of marketing in today’s world. People search everything on Google and Google adwords give you more scope for getting clients. When a person sees your service ad and clicks on it, he will be redirected to your business. You need to pay a small amount each time your ad is clicked. However, this is worth considering the leads you get.

Accountants in Hastings, New Zealand

We serve the Hawke’s Bay area – Hastings and Napier. Anyone looking for accounting services in these areas will be able to view your ad. We will get you leads and conversions!

We plan strategies and campaigns and ensure that your accounting services are made known to your audience. It is a digital world out there and as an accountant professional, you need to choose our service to highlight your services! That simple.

Our Specialist Google Adwords Management Services

We specialize in Google Adwords management and see to it that you get more leads. More leads give you more scope for conversion. We plan Adwords campaigns and structures and make sure that it works for you. Adwords is not just placing words on Google. It requires a lot of expertise and creativity. It also demands marketing knowledge and experience. We take pride in letting you know that we master all these! We also monitor and analyze Adwords campaigns and make sure you benefit from our services.

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04 Jun Business Deals – Grab the Best Deal Today

Today’s digital landscape means everyone’s doing digital marketing and it’s getting difficult to compete.

For most kiwi businesses, they simply want to do what the do and not worry about all that digital stuff. SO Business Deal’s want you to concentrate on what you do best and they’ll look after your digital strategies.

You will have your own page on Business Deals. You own phone number, FB page if you have one, website and more. They’ll also mention you are the best in your AREA! For a limited time, get this for free! It’s usually $29.99 per month. All we ask is you give your customers a deal. Reward them for using your business.

Business Deal’s online strategy will allow you to measure to see the value.

Add Your Website and a Special Deal for Free

For a limited time, Business Deals will usually change for this service, however for first 200 websites can get free advertising. We’ll advertise your company, usually 29.99 per month.

Business Deals continuously adjust according to the market, competitors and campaign results. This multiplies your result. Their aim is to reduced your acquisition costs

For their website users, Business Deals is a fantastic way for you to enjoy the things you love at prices you adore! We encourage business owners to add their best deals, allowing you to take advantage of huge discounts. It’s the new way to shop!

No credit card, no vouchers and no need to sign up to our website. Our users simply message the business, or show their page on your phone and mention their deal. It very easy!

Here are the steps to grab a deal:

  1. Choose what you are looking for. Whether is a dentist, cafe for accommodation, contact the business directly to purchase
  2. Redeem: Simply let the business know about the deal on the website
  3. Enjoy! It’s as easy as that. Make sure to check Business Deals daily for new offers

The deals are throughout New Zealand. From Taupo, Hastings, Hawkes Bay and up to Paihia and many more!.


You don’t even need a website. We’ll do all the SEO and digital marketing for you! We’ll work on directing traffic to your site through our digital marketing activities.

We’ll do the hard for you! So you can concentrate on what you do best.

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23 Mar Google Adwords for Hastings, NZ Lawyers

Law Firm looking for Digital Marketing?

We specialize in Google Advertising, such as Adwords Pay Per Click? for Hastings, New Zealand lawyers. Call Scott on 022 394 0346

Convert More Users, are a premier digital marketing company in Hastings, New Zealand. We provide Lawyers in the Hastings area with digital services for marketing your practice.

We are experts in SEO and help you boost your Google rankings. We offer Google adwords management services through which you can grow your business by getting more leads and converting them. We are a proud team of experts with abundant marketing knowledge and expertise.



Law firm needing more leads? Talk to Convert More Users in Hastings, New Zealand

Digital services for Hastings Lawyers

We serve Napier and Hastings lawyers, Hawke’s Bay by providing Google Adwords management services. While you concentrate on your legal services, we take care of your marketing. Seek our assistance and work with peace of mind. We do aggressive digital advertising and create awareness and build leads about your services through Google Adwords, Facebook and Youtube. It all about reaching the right audience and obtaining the best ROI.

Grow Your Business through Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the excellent ways to market your legal services. Google Adwords require you to pay only when a potential customer clicks on your ad. We help you with placing the Google Adwords at the appropriate places so that your business is ensured of getting attention. We also guide you with the right campaign structure and bidding so that Adwords work as per your expectations.

Why choose us?

  • We are very professional and committed to our work
  • We do consistent analysis of campaigns.
  • We have the required experience and knowledge.
  • We target Hastings and Napier regions, thus any individual looking for legal services here are sure to discover your business.
  • We closely monitor adwords marketing and make changes in the plans wherever required.

We look forward to grow with you. Your satisfaction is our priority and we know, getting more clients is what makes you satisfied. Call us for your Google Adwords management and we will be more than glad to talk to you. We sit with you and tailor a strategy that best suits your profession.

Let us know if you are looking to stand out !

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16 Mar Google Adwords for Hastings Mechanics and Auto Repair

Digital Marketing for Mechanics in Hastings, New Zealand

Get More Leads Today! – Call now 022 394 0346

Convert More Users, are a reputed digital marketing company in Hastings. We are well known for better Google rankings and SEO services. If you are serious about your business and want to thrive in today’s tough competition, we will be happy to serve you. We help you in getting more leads through digital marketing. We are professional and our marketing experts have a great deal of knowledge about the market. We plan digital marketing as per your needs and would be happy to see you grow your business. After all, a great clientele is what every business owner desires for.

We’ll Get You More Leads. Simple!

Why Digital Marketing

People today are hooked to internet every second. Be it a product or service, they tend to search for it on the internet. It is general knowledge that if you need to target your audience, you have to place your ads where they visit. This is why digital marketing is the trend today.

Digital Marketing for Hastings Mechanics and Auto Repair

We target the people in and around Hastings. Hastings is a beautiful urban place and people look for different services on the net. We serve Hastings Mechanics/ Auto Repair companies by providing our digital marketing services.

Google Adwords Management

We provide expert Google Adwords management services. Adwords are an efficient and effective method to market your mechanic/auto repair services. As we target the local places, your business tends to grow rapidly. We place your Google Adwords at the right places. Any person in Hastings and surrounding areas looking for mechanics or auto repair services will be directed towards your business.

A meagre amount will be charged by the search engine to place your ad. However, the cost is worth as you are sure to get more customers.

Why do you need to choose us?

  • We are experts with Google adwords management. We continuously keep a check on the adwords campaign.
  • We consider your needs and plan strategies accordingly.
  • We get you more leads for conversion

Call us today for your Google Adwords management!

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06 Mar Web Design Hastings NZ

Convert More Users are your Hastings Web Design Specialists!

Located at 113 Heretaunga Street, East, Hastings. Please phone us on 022 394 0346


Web Design Hastings New Zealand

A couple of our websites: and – We have worked with local and international customers.

Web designing is an indispensable part to expand a business. Millions of users surf the internet to find everything in comfort of their own homes and that’s the reason why companies are running after website design Hastings services. Here are the reasons why you should be employing towards web designing services.

Technology has changed the way we live life. Gone are the days when people were not aware of the internet and they used to try very hard to find information on any product and service. You can reach your target audience if you have a website. Your competitors would most probably have a website and that would help them do better. If you don’t want to go unnoticed, consult website design Hastings services.

A website enchants viewers

A website is intrinsic as it communicates with your visitors. An attractive layout makes visitors believe in your brand. A user can decide within three to five minutes whether he would like to browse a website or not. A website design company New Zealand can help you build a winsome layout for your website.

Good customer experience

Your website should be good enough if you want your users to revisit, but it all depends on responsive designs, scrolling, big fonts, loading time, eye-catchy images, content, etc. A professional website will leave a good mark on your visitors. They will keep visiting your website. All this can happen with the help of professional web designers NZ.

Navigation and consistency

Users are likely to immediately exit your website if it is outdated. Your site should be easy to use. Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for with ease. Consistency is also paramount as it helps create familiarity and credibility.

If your website has gone outdated or you’re looking to incorporate new software, please consult Convert More Users. An expert web design company in Hastings, NZ.


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28 Feb Hastings, NZ Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing Company in Hastings, NZ

Drive more leads for less!

Call 022 394 0346 or email today!

Do you have an online business? If yes, that’s great; but the biggest challenge comes up after you have established a website. How will you promote your products and services? How will you turn your business into a brand? These questions would hit you and put you on edge, but do away with your anxiety as Convert More Users can help. We’re a Digital Marketing Company based in Hastings, New Zealand. We service all of Hawkes Bay, including Havelock North, Napier and Hastings.

So what is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to advertising of your products and services through digital channels such as search engines, Google Adwords, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps that enable you to analyze what is working and what’s not.

How does It Help?

Higher revenues

Digital marketing helps you reach a large audience all across the world. It improves your branding and rank. The higher the rank, the higher the visibility, and the higher the revenues.

You’ll earn people’s trust

Trust is imperative when it comes to increasing sales. Since digital marketing strategies narrow the gap between a brand and target audience, it builds trust among people. It helps them connect with your brand easily. Your business will start thriving once you build trust with your audience.

Saves cost

Digital marketing companies help you save on marketing costs unlike traditional marketing. You can reach to a massive audience without shelling out lots of money.

Builds brand reputation

Consulting a digital marketing company in Hastings New Zealand can help you build a quality relationship with your audience. You can interact with visitors 24×7, and solve their queries at once. This will help create the reputation of your brand. People will trust you and your sales will go up.

Final Thought

Digital marketing is crucial because it helps covert your visitors. Otherwise, your website will eventually cease to exist. Consult the best digital marketing company in Hastings and Havelock North for rapid business growth.

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18 Jan SEO Hastings, Havelock North, NZ

In today’s competitive business world, it can be challenging to find ways for your Hastings, Napier or Havelock North business to remain competitive. But by implementing proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, the challenge of competing with other businesses becomes much easier! Call us now on 022 394 0346.

What is SEO?

When search engines such as Google or Yahoo are used, results are ranked according to relevant results for the user. Normally, most search engine users will visit the website(s) that appear high up and/or frequently on the results page. The more users that frequent your page, the greater your chances are of these visitors becoming customers.

The process of showing up in search engine results is referred to as SEO. Unlike paid ads, payment is not required by businesses to show up in these “natural”, “organic” or “earned” results. Instead, the chances of that happening rely on your business’ SEO strategy.

Having a strategic, strong SEO strategy means that your company can consistently rank in search engine results – indirectly leading to more business for you!

Excellent SEO = Staying Competitive

Regardless of how small your business is, implementing proper SEO techniques means you can remain competitive.

Whether you operate your business from the basement of your home or rent 50,000 square feet of office space, everyone has the same chances of receiving a great ranking in search results. SEO allows this to happen!

Convert More Users: Your Hastings SEO Expert

Located in Hastings, Convert More Users provides Hastings, Napier, Havelock North and surrounding area with specialized  knowledge.

Our team of specialists have years of website building experience. We know the best ways of ensuring proper techniques are used to your fullest advantage – leading to more website traffic, and more profitable sales for your business!

We also know the best strategy to improve conversions, which leads to more customers for your business. Let us show you how more online forms will start being completed, more phone calls will be made to your office and more products will start being sold once we work with you!

Allow us to create a smooth customer journey for each and every one of your website visitors! When you want to start seeing more website traffic and getting more sales, trust Convert More Users!

Start Getting More Business….Today!

For the best way to stay ahead of your competition while driving website and sales, ensure proper SEO is completed on your website. Contact Convert More Users to learn more about our services and how we can help you start getting more business!

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18 Jan Google Adwords Campaigns Hastings, NZ

Let us Manage Your Google Adwords Campaign!

We’re Hawkes Bay’s Adwords specialists. Balancing the daily duties associated with running a business can be difficult enough when you consider all the tasks involved such as staff schedules, inventory management and financial reports. And as if that’s not enough, advertising your business presents another regular challenge for many Hastings and Havelock North business owners.

Especially in this global age, knowing how to effectively advertise using the internet is the key to success for many business owners. Having effective optimized campaigns makes this possible!

Here are two of the most popular advertising campaigns available to help drive website traffic to your business:

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns

One of the most popular ad campaigns, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is one that involves paying each time someone clicks a business’ ad. These ads, bid on by advertisers, show up when an internet user performs a search related to the keyword that the business is advertising. If that ad is clicked – thereby sending the user to the business’ website – the advertiser is charged by the search engine.

Effective PPC campaigns’ costs are normally trivial compared to the potential profit gained from increased web traffic.

Google Adword Campaigns

For many small business owners looking to reach their audience via Google, Google Adwords campaigns provide the solution.

How? Advertisers bid on ads in a competition with businesses offering similar products and services. When someone searches for a keyword using Google, relevant ads populate in the search results. Besides bidding price, Google also considers the quality and relevance of the ad and website when determining which search results your ad should show up in.

Like Adwords, advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked on. An easy to use dashboard provides insightful information including how many people are clicking on your ad, as well as how many turn into customers when they visit your site.

Let Convert More Users Assist with Your Adwords Marketing Strategy!

We know how confusing implementing an optimized marketing campaign can be. That’s why we at Convert More Users strive to make things as easy as possible for our customers!

Whether you have a marketing campaign in mind or need help deciding which one meets your business’ needs the most, we can help! With years of internet marketing experience, we can provide invaluable advice to help your business convert more visitors into profit generation while beating out your competition.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation!

Let us show you how easy creating optimized campaigns can be when you choose Convert More Users, the #1 choice for web marketing in Hastings, Napier and Havelock North! Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about our services.

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04 Aug Google Adwords. Pay Per Click. Hastings, Hawkes Bay

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Bing etc) is an essential digital marketing channel for online businesses in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

What is it and how does it differ from  SEO? In short, search engine marketing it paying or bidding to be at the top of a search result, such as

A company will engage in content marketing of a website where search engine optimized content is created and made available for free in order to encourage visitors to share that content via social media. Search engine marketing services will then make sure that a website is secure, is just as accessible and responsive on mobile platforms and most importantly of all, well laid out and genuinely interesting.

In fact, search engine marketing and SEO are often considered one and the same. However, search engine marketing differs from SEO in that it actively exploits social media via independent social media marketing (SMM) strategies. Likewise, search engine marketing exploits paid inclusion opportunities offered via search engines themselves.

Search Engine Marketing, PPC & Paid Inclusion

Yahoo for example, offer sponsored listing services via which websites can pay annual subscriptions in return for appearing prominently in Yahoo results. Similarly, search engine marketing often exploits pay per per click (PPC) opportunities offered by services such as Google AdWords in order to have websites rank higher in result listings offered by other search providers.

PPC and SEO services in Hastings, NZ

However, unlike standalone PPC and SEO services, search engine marketing also uses web analytical tools to measure the success and effectiveness of such campaigns. Using things like web page embedded Java scripts, search engine marketing doesn’t therefore just focus on increasing website traffic, but monitors and analyses website visitor actions in order to increase relevant traffic. That and better overall conversion rates. This being the case, search engine marketing differs predominantly from standalone SEO in that it seeks to achieve a quantifiable return on investment (ROI) on each of the strategies it employs to generate that traffic in the first place.


Lets meet and discuss your website audit and how we can achieve your online goals. We’re based in Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand email us at

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09 Jul Understanding SEO

search-engine-optimization-1359430_1280What is SEO

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization, and it is a process whereby a website is ranked on Google and other search engines for specified keywords. For example a website on Dog training ranked for Dog training on search engines like Google and Bing

Understanding SEO Keywords

SEO keywords are the search terms that triggers the ranking of webpages in search engines. In other words keywords are what browsers looking for information or items to buy type in the search bar of Google and Bing.

SEO keywords could be

  • Buyer keywords
  • Information keywords

Buyer keywords are search terms people looking to buy products or services type in search bar of search engines for example buy plasma TV, Plasma TV review, well you might say the second example does not have buy in it so it cannot qualify as a buyer keyword.

Well sorry to bust your bubble, or rather we could say its a hybrid of buyer-information keyword because the person is looking for information about the TV in order to make a decision if to buy or not, so it’s still a buyer keyword and also an information keyword

On the other hand an information keyword are keywords based on finding out more or learning about a topic. For example Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities, here the browser simply just wants to know whats going on in the social scene

seo-896175_1280Understanding SEO Techniques

To do SEO, you need to understand the techniques which starts with the

  • Choosing a keyword or sets of Keywords
  • Optimizing webpage with the keyword, from the Title to the articles,images, title tags, descriptions
  • Getting backlinks which is very necessary to rank webpages in search engines, a backlink is simply a vote of confidence to a webpage from another webpage on a specific keyword or topic


16 Basic Tips & SEO Techniques You Should Know

1.Understand that SEO takes time and you need to commit to the process plus you will need a great deal of patience

2.If you are going to hire an SEO company, please do ask a lot of questions and do your due dilligence so you do not end with a company that is into blackhat techniques which would ruin your business in the long run

3.To know and do SEO even if you will outsource it, you will need to become a student, learn the bolts and nuts so you can be creative

4.You need to build a great website, you can get all the traffic in the world but if you do not convert them, then its useless, so thats why you need a very good website to attract and keep your prospects

5.You should make SEO-friendly URLS, use keywords in your URLs and please make them short and simple as possible. This helps both the search engines and your browsers

6.Do you sign up for a PPC account, doesnt matter with which company, Google adwords or MSN adcenter, this is neccessary so you can get actual search volume for your keywords

7.You should use catchy, unique and relevant title and meta descriptions for every page you create

8.Never write for search engines first. write for users first then the search engines will love you, if you write for search engines first the users will discredit you and at the end of the day the search engines will also, because the search engines are in the business of pleasing users. So if you help them please users they will love you in return

9.Content is king, traffic is queen, so you should creat unique and great content

10.Make sure you use your keywords as anchor text in building links internally

11.Do not spam links, build links intelligently

12.Using press releases is not a bad idea

13.Blog and contribute to other related blogs in your niche

14.Social media marketing is very important and contributes to SEO in the long run

15.Use the tools provided by the search engines

16.Use different traffic sources, do not rely on just one

Why SEO is important for businesscomputer-767776_1280

SEO is important for business because it drives traffic to businesses which is then converted to sales, the sole purpose of a business to make profit and profit is made when sales are generated.

So having a website is not the end but just the beginning, getting traffic is the lifewire of any business both online and offline, for offline business the traffic will be refered to as foot traffic.

So SEO is important because it is the best form of online traffic as opposed to Social traffic, because with SEO traffic, it is targeted due to the fact that people are searching for information that will help them make buying decisions. As for social traffic it’s mostly just good for branding and creating awareness for your brand or business

If you are looking to make sales online then SEO traffic is your best bet.

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